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Who would like to be in my upcoming Creature Chronicles series

You can be a character in my upcoming story. You can be any creature on the wiki. You can have up to 3 characters. My Characters: Draco Species: Dracorius Zapperi Gender: Male Wisp Species: Wisporan Dracor Gender: Female Those are my 2.

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The Books, Guardians and Crystals

1. The Quest, Earth Crystal, Dune Scorp

2. The Doom Podium, Dark Crystal, Doomer

3. The Frozen Oceans, Water Crystal, Aswa

4. The Volcanic City, Fire Crystal, Flameor

5. The Brightlands, Light Crystal, Darklight

6. The Flying Castle, Air Crystal, Amboros

7. The Final Battle, Darkcurl

You beat me too it!!!


Dulea's not a guardian. She could control the Aswa, which could be the guardians.

For the guardians,

  1. A Scorpion that can be healed by the earth
  2. A demon-like beast that can block out all light with his wings and transform into your worst fear.
  3. The Aswa, two bear-like creatures that can create blizzards with their breath
  4. I don't know.
  5. Something... that has eyes so bright they can blind whoever looks in them.
  6. Amboros, a dragon with a tail that can spin rapidly and cause tornados.
Those are what they will be but with my names for them. Darklight for Light. Apart from Aswa.

Could it be in Draco's first person? So it says...

"I caught my breath." Instead of "Draco caught his breath."

No. Draco is just the leader of the team. Not the main character.
Can't it be in his point of view ''and ''him not being the main character?
The guardians are not evil but controlled by Darkcurl and Amboros. Dualea is a good guy who is also controlled.

Dulea is kind of like Elsa. Actually a lot like Elsa.

But still, Dulea is not the guardian.

I know. The Aswa are not evil but controlled. Duela too.
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